Followup on Indymedia server seizure

From the always excellent SmartMobs

Following up on the Indymedia server story, the Indymedia collective is running an updated FAQ in response. They also released a press release a few days ago.

These are useful documents for this story. Additionally, this entire story is an example of collective action, as various people response to the FBI’s move. So far we can see comments threads as aggregations of popular reaction, along with the diffusion of the above documents. Indymedia is also describing its lack of information, which could be a plea for updates from the world:

Indymedia does not know whether Rackspace was ordered to provide information on the servers, or the hardware (servers or disks). Apparently the hardware was handed over. Indymedia does not know if Rackspace is under a gag order, or what legal restrictions were imposed requiring them to act this way, or whether their legal department had enough time to study the request.

What else is going on in this story?