National Green Party takes aim at both feet

The National Green Party Coordinating Committee has released a public statement condemning Nader/Camejo for allegedly poaching ballot lines in Utah, Vermont, California, and elsewhere.

Even many David Cobb supporters, Cobb being the Green candidate for president, are aghast at this. Coming right before the election, such a blunder will focus unwanted attention on the nasty Nader/Cobb rupture in the Green Party, will delight Democrats who will cheerfully exploit it fully, and will damage the campaigns of local Greens.

Such a statement helps nothing. It does not advance the party, serving only to splinter it further. The incompetence and naivete of those responsible for this is, well, staggering. “Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.”

The California Green Party disagrees vehemently with the GPUS statement, saying:

The Green Party of California Coordinating Committee disagrees strongly with the intention to release the position statement in GPUS proposal 111 to the public and the press before the upcoming November 2nd election.

Should any GPUS communication, public or private, result from the passage of proposal 111, the Green Party of California requires that such communication explicitly state that the Green Party of California did not concur in the decision.

For the normally rather somnolent Green Party of California Coordinating Committee to a) agree on something this controversial and b) release a sharply worded public statement about it, is quite extraordinary. California has 50% of all registered Greens in the country.