Rally in support of striking hotel workers. Today in LA

Today there wil be a rally and civil disobedience at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown L.A. (7th and Hope.) Gather at 4:30. Rally at 5 pm. About fifteen people will sit in the middle of the street at about 5:30 in an act of civil disobedience in solidarity with the workers, and will be arrested. 

Such acts of CD are carefully worked out in advance. Those being arrested attend training sessions. The police are informed as to what will be happening. This is done deliberately in hopes that everything goes peacefully. Those arrested usually get released within a few hours, often with nothing more than maybe a $100 ticket. Were things not so carefully scripted then the arrests might get much more serious, not to mention the possibility of police overreacting.

The hotel strike so far is just in San Francisco, but may spread to Los Angeles and DC soon.

Hotel strike at stalemate

San Francisco hotels and the union representing 4,000 striking and locked-out workers dug in their heels Monday, showing no signs of movement toward restarting contract talks.

Volume increases in hotel dispute

Union workers phoning, urging customers to cancel.