Tallying the woes of electronic…

Tallying the woes of electronic balloting

Twelve months ago, this was a fringe issue, and those complaining about the inaccuracies of electronic voting machines were considered nutty. Today, the L.A. Times has a front page article about it. That’s how fast this story has spread, and the Internet was how it happened.

Touch-screen voting machine “once hailed as the answer to the nation’s voting woes are stirring up some serious cases of buyer’s remorse here and across the country.”

Computer scientists from coast to coast have warned that the machines sometimes err in counting votes and could be easily compromised by amateur hackers intent on disrupting elections. In either case, they say, a manual recount would be meaningless if it was based on corrupted electronic data.

Black Box Voting was the first to sound the alarm, and remains the authority, along with EFF.