Protester release extraordinarily slow; NLG…

Protester release extraordinarily slow; NLG “wonders why”

Reports from 100 Center Street note that protesters picked during the previous days events are being released very, very slowly. A reporter with Michigan IMC says that most protesters have been in jail for approx. 40-48 hours, since Tuesday night.

According to a representative with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG): “They’re obviously holding people for over the 24 hour limt. Its now the day Bush is in town for the RNC, and we’re wondering why the New York court system would contunue to hold people this long.”

Guantanamo On the Hudson: detained RNC protesters describe prison conditions

Hundreds of people yesterday protested the conditions under which those arrested are being held before going to court saying the site was contaminated with oil and asbestos.

Last night, a judge ordered protesters who had been held for 24-hours released with desk appearance tickets if they were not charged with serious crimes. Before midnight, some protesters started emerging from 100 Centre St. around the block from our firehouse studio. Some 200 supporters greeted them with cheers and offered food and medical treatment. Despite the judge’s orders, a large number of protesters remain imprisoned.