Judge rejects Central Park Rally…

Judge rejects Central Park Rally permit

This rejection should come as no surprise, no surprise at all

A judge rejected a last-minute plea from anti-war activists who sued the city for a permit to hold a massive rally in Central Park the day before the Republican convention, saying they were too late.

The judge blamed United for Peace and Justice for waiting too long to apply for the permit.

State Supreme Court Justice Jacqueline Silbermann ruled on Wednesday that United for Peace and Justice was “guilty of inexcusable and inequitable delay” in bringing the case to court after months of back-and-forth negotiations over plans for the Sunday demonstration.

Had United for Justice and Peace not meekly accepted the West Side Highway rally location that the city rammed down their throats, had they actually stood and fought for a Central Park permit then, quite possibly it might have been granted. But UJP, through their now notorious timidity and too easy capitulation to authority, has, one more time, let the City of New York run right over them – just like they did in early 2003 when they let the NYC deny them a permit for a U.N. rally and then barricade demonstrators into pens all over Manhattan.

I’m told the city of New York routinely refuses important permits to the ANSWER Coalition, and instead “negotiates” with the well-meaning but inept UPJ. The reason why should be obvious.