Leftie elves have been busy

Leftie elves have been busy

Leftie elves hacked into Protest Warrior, a group of right wing zealots who are long on right wing ranting and happily woefully lacking when it comes to organizing ability. The hackers sent email titled “Protest Warrior Hacked: Operation Right-wing Circle Jerk” to all PW members using the email address of Kfir, one of the leaders. It explained the site been hacked, implied that all online information had been compromised, and displayed the leaders passwords, addresses and phone numbers. And then helpfully listed the leftie groups organizing in NYC, signing off with “ProtestWarriors, give up! We have you surrounded and outnumbered. See you on the streets.”

Among the sites they listed:

Electronic civil disobedience against the RNC

Several organizations and individuals have pledged to commit acts of electronic civil disobedience against a variety of right-wing, corporate media, and government websites. While we will not be participating in such activities ourselves, we will be reporting on the latest updates of these attacks by mirroring press releases, interviewing various hackers, and informing the media about the campaign.

RNC Not Welcome


PS I’m told Madison Square Garden, where the RNC will meet, is now surrounded by fences, barbed wire, and looks like a military encampment. What a vision of freedom for the world to view…