Federal judge denies permit to…

Federal judge denies permit to ANSWER Coalition and UfPJ for Central Park rally.

A federal judge refused Monday to allow a large rally on Central Park’s Great Lawn during the Republican National Convention, but urged protesters and the city to work toward a compromise.

What a load of liberal malarky. If the judge really wanted a “compromise”, he could have ordered it. Instead he wrings in hands in anguish and does nothing. And how, pray tell, can there be a compromise on a Central Park rally – either it occurs or it doesn’t.

Pauley also concurred with the city’s concern that the Saturday rally by at least 75,000 people — and another for 250,000 people on Sunday by United for Peace and Justice — could ruin the Great Lawn.

Omigod, you mean people might walk on the grass on a park? Oh, the horror…. 

During arguments Friday, Brian Becker, national coordinator for the ANSWER coalition, characterized the Great Lawn as “the heart and soul of New York City,” a symbolic civil rights rally point on the 41st anniversary of the 1963 civil rights march on Washington led by Martin Luther King Jr.  

UfPJ has a state court case pending, also for a Central Park rally, with the decision expected Wed. or Thu. However the chances of a state judge overruling the precedent set by this federal judge are, I think, slim and none.