Nader ballot fraud in Oregon…

Nader ballot fraud in Oregon alleged

Last night, right here at Political State Report, we broke the news of the SEIU fraud and forgery investigation into Nader’s petition for the Oregon ballot. At a press conference this morning, SEIU released more evidence. The key item: SEIU Local 49 contacted 269 people whose names were on petition sheets – and only 32% report that they actually signed the Nader petitions. The key quote, from SEIU veep Alice Dale: “This fraud is too pervasive to have been committed without at least the complicity of the signature gatherers.”

From the SEIU press announcement

Evidence of overwhelming and systemic fraud in the Ralph Nader for President petitions was released today by the Service Employees International Union. An analysis of the petition sheets and a direct survey of people whose names appear on the petition suggests at least two-thirds of all signatures turned in by the Nader campaign to date are fraudulent.

Yes, SEIU is strongly Democratic, and yes the Dems will do whatever they can to stop Nader from getting ballot status. But none of that means their allegations aren’t valid. Nader has been a bit too eager, in my view, to get on the ballot, what with his alliances with the right and sloppy, at best, voter registration methods – all of which tarnishes his role as The Mr. Clean of Politics.

And you haven’t heard a peep out of Green Party candidate David Cobb, have you? Didn’t think so… He’s just up and vanished.