“Kick out the Republicans”

“Kick out the Republicans”

The Politnics have released, for your left-wing listening pleasure, “Kick Out the Republicans”, a catchy hook-filled rant againt the Bushies. Randi Rhodes has played it many times on her Air America show.

Listen to the MP3!

In the year two thousand, the Democrats won the election,
but Bush and the Republicans couldn’t take the rejection.
They counted the votes in a web of deception,
the GOP stole the election.

In November of two thousand four
we gotta get out the vote and even the score
when the GOP is leaving I hope that they…
don’t hit their heads on the door!

Bush says he cares about the middle class
but the giant corporations get all the cash
we’ve got a five hundred billion dollar deficit
it’ time to make the Republicans quit!

Kick out_ Kick out_ Kick out_ Kick out_
Kick out_ Kick out the Republicans!

One of the Politnics, John Amato, is a friend who just launched his new blog, The Smoking Pen. Check it out!

Update: John just posted another mp3, “Oxycotin Conservative Republican“, about you-know-who!

BTW, Limbaugh’s hearing loss a while back was directly related to his addiction to painkillers.