Rumsfeld knew all about me,…

Rumsfeld knew all about me, says American ‘jailer’ held in Kabul

The saga of “Jack” Idema, the American arrested for running a private interrogation centre in Afghanistan, took a new twist yesterday when he claimed that he was acting with the knowledge and agreement of Donald Rumsfeld’s office.

Mr Idema, who has been accused of having a makeshift jail in which detainees were hung by their feet, claimed that US authorities “condoned and supported” his freelance activities.

He told reporters: “We were in contact directly by fax and email and phone with Donald Rumsfeld’s office.

The Pentagon is now admitting they took prisoners provided by Idema. He and two others are on trial for “ torture, hostage taking and running a private jail “

Military admits accepting prisoner from civilians

The U.S. military acknowledged yesterday that it had accepted an Afghan prisoner in May from three American civilians now suspected of being vigilantes running their own private jail.