UK anti-social types to be…

UK anti-social types to be electronically tagged

Prime Minister Tony Blair has said it is time to mark the end of the “1960s liberal consensus” on law and order.

I’ve a better idea, that Brits mark the end of the political career of Mr. Blair aka Bush’s Lap Dog aka The Senator from England from office instead.

Under Monday’s plans, the 5,000 most prolific criminals in England and Wales are to be constantly satellite-tracked.

Note that those tracked are not guilty of any crimes when the tracking device is attached. Just that someone thinks they might be up to no good. I’m sure no one would ever abuse the power to electronically manacle someone, would they?

He said they could also act as “prison without bars” for lower level offenders.

First get those crime-loving 60’s types, then the dissidents, then the liberals, then the …