Cuba says Gov. Bush is…

Cuba says Gov. Bush is urging an attack

A top Cuban official charged in an interview broadcast Sunday that Gov. Jeb Bush is pressing his brother, President Bush, to bring down the government of Fidel Castro. (This story is from last year, but still instructive as doubtless nothing has changed)

The Trinidad and Tobago Express comments on the blockade of Cuba, asking why the US, which believes in free trade, is doing the precise opposite to Cuba, especially when they now trade freely with China.

For many people in the Caribbean it is pretty much impossible to fathom why what is seen to be good for the people of the former Soviet Union and for China, and indeed for people in many other countries of the now defunct Communist Bloc is not also good for the people of Cuba.

Hmm, maybe the followings explains why the US wants to invade Cuba!

From a super-secret phone tap of Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein

Voice 1: Hey, Fidel, Saddam here.
Voice 2: Hola, amigo!

1: I’ve got a problem. The stinking UN is wandering around my country, the US is about to invade, and I need a place to hide my weapons of mass destruction.
2: Si. You want to hide them here?

1: Yes…just until this little problem blows over.
2: Okay. I’ve got an old shed out back.

1: Great. I’ll fly them over next week.
2: No problemo. I’ve got a plastic tarp–keep them dry.

1: Perfect. Thanks buddy.
2: Sure thing. Buenas Noches, Vaya con Dios.

1: What does that mean?
2: Never mind. Little joke.

1: All right. Goodbye then.
2: Adios.

(From the, written by Kirsten Anderson, a professional writer who writes satire and comedy in her spare time)

However, this is probably the real reason the Bushies want Cuba

Cuba’s new oil industry

Cuba’s fast-improving energy sector – with domestic oil production now at 4.1m tons a year and accounting for 80% of the country’s electricity needs – is expected to eventually ease the country’s current economic woes.