West Hollywood Equal Marriage Rights…

West Hollywood Equal Marriage Rights rally

The Bushies are cynically want to make equal marriage rights a wedge issue in hopes of mobilizing the right and thus re-electing Bush. However, polls have shown the majority of Americans either favor same sex marriage or, at the very least, are not opposed to it.

The Senate vote to call for a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage will be this week. It’s expected to lose badly. But their real point is to enrage the right enough to get them to vote for Bush. Sickening.

Yesterday in West Hollywood, The Coalition for Equal Marriage Rights LA with other groups, staged a lively rally and march. A surprising amount of media came, at least five TV stations, showing this is an hot issue that resonates with the public. 

For a moment, I thought I’d landed on a different planet because someone utterly out of my range of comprehension happened. West Hollywood is, of course, heavily gay and lesbian. Their police are hired from the L.A. Sheriff Department which, um, does not have an overwhelmingly positive record when it comes to treatment of minorities. Except in West Hollywood, that is. I was beyond startled when several “L.A. Sheriff volunteers”, who were watching the demo, came over and hugged some of the demonstrators (who they apparently knew.) Lemme tell ya, folks, two miles away in Hollywood, LAPD volunteers are NOT known for being huggers …

Would it be that all police departments were as enlightened as West Hollywood!

That’s Roxanne Reaver, in the photo above, wearing the t-shirt she designed. Check out her website!






















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