Whiny little frat boy can’t…

Whiny little frat boy can’t handle criticism

This is from a wondrous daily email rant about politics, written by Mike, a friend.

Junior Mint was in Philadelphia Friday so he could give interviews about why he refused to speak at the NAACP convention which, coincidentally enough, is taking place today in Philadelphia.

YORK, Pa. – President Bush said yesterday that he was declining an invitation to speak to the NAACP’s convention in Philadelphia because of harsh statements about him by leaders of the venerable civil rights group.

“I would describe my relationship with the current leadership as basically nonexistent,” Bush told reporters during a visit to Pennsylvania. “You’ve heard the rhetoric and the names they’ve called me.”

Boo fucking hoo. Here’s what they posted over at Daily Kos today on this:

Let’s first be clear that the Bush campaign isn’t simply not going to the NAACP convention, they’re deliberately and publicly snubbing the NAACP, and this snub was planned well in advance. The White House and the Bush campaign would have known probably a year ago that the NAACP would be in Philadelphia this weekend, and they would have planned the PA bus trip months ago. Not only did they decide not to go to the convention, they deliberately planned on being in PA at almost the exact time of the convention to draw more attention to the fact that Bush would not appear before the NAACP.

The bigger issue here is that George Bush is effectively saying “screw you” to one of the most prominent and esteemed organizations in America, an organization that is the most important representative of African-Americans and which still leads the fight for civil rights in America. This isn’t a failure to send a message to supporters of civil rights, this is a deliberate decision to send a message that, forty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, there are still two sides to the debate on civil rights, and Bush is on the side of those opposed to “special” rights for people who aren’t white, Christian, and heterosexual.

By deliberately blowing off the NAACP four straight years, Bush has signaled that he doesn’t view himself as President of all Americans. He’s the President of just those Americans who look like him and agree with him. “Two Americas” indeed.

Oh yeah. When your numbers are this tight, you can’t turn your back on that all-important KKK vote.

PS Bush first president since 1920s to skip NAACP event