Florida scraps felons voter list!

Florida scraps felons voter list!

Secretary of State Glenda Hood’s frustrating attempt to single out felons and bar them from the voting booth collapsed Saturday, with the state’s top elections officer — and one of Gov. Jeb Bush’s top political appointees — tossing in the towel.

It’s amazing what happens when bright flashlights shine into murky, dark places. The Bushies stole Florida in 2000 by deliberately purging tens of thousands of eligible Blacks, presumably Democrats, from the voting lists.

Greg Palast broke the story and was viciously attacked for doing so. However, he documented in great detail how Florida purged these voters by saying they were felons when they knew damn well they weren’t. Now Florida is saying they will stop this noxious practice – certainly not out of any concern for ethics – but simply because too many people are watching.

Let’s keep on shining that flashlight. No, wait – let’s ramp it up, and get  dozens of searchlights instead – and make sure Florida voting is clean this year.

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