Pastors for Peace headed for…

Pastors for Peace headed for Cuba

School buses and other vehicles loaded with medical and office equipment crossed the border into Mexico on Wednesday on a relief trip to Cuba that violates the U.S. embargo.

It was the 14th straight year that Pastors for Peace, an American humanitarian aid group, has sought to bring supplies <to Cuba>

They are travelling in deliberate defiance of the new travel ban. About 250 people nationwide are doing so. After their weeklong stay in Cuba, most will return to the US via Canada, crossing the border en masse as the media watches, for whatever Customs has waiting for them.

Customs agents did hand out fliers warning that only three of the group were authorized to travel on to Cuba and the rest were subject to prosecution leading to jail time or fines if they tried to travel to the island.

This is not theoretical for me, I know two people who are going…