Well that’s just great, PoliZeros,…

Well that’s just great, PoliZeros, you’ve bashed Greens and slapped Nader upside the head. Now what?

This does become a possibility, doesn’t it. Sigh…

The DemoGreens have taken over the Green Party, and if David Cobb, as expected, polls less than 1%, then the more radical Greens may be able to take back control of the party after November. By “more radical”, I mean those who genuinely want a third party, and not just be a daring trendy adjunct to the Democratic Party, however astoundingly thrilling this might be to some.

Among the many problems with Cobb is that there now will be no outside media coverage for Greens and the already miniscule fundraising will slow even more, especially considering that Greens are notoriously cheap, and that little to none outside money will be coming in. Did I mention Cobb has the charisma of week old leftovers? 

Pro-Nader Greens will try to get Ralph on the ballot wherever they can, including California, and will take the signatures wherever they get them, including Republicans. This approach, of course, leaves them wide open to the “spoiler” charge. However they view building a third party as worth the risk. I see using the extreme right to get Nader on the ballot as a tactic almost guaranteed to turn on them and bite them badly. We shall see.

Third parties do need to be built, now more than ever. Yet neither Nader or the Green Party appear to have had any contingency plan for their respective current dilemmas. Maybe it’s time to think of building other parties, parties that plan ahead more, do lots of outreach, and build coalitions.  

We are in a turbulent pre-election season, the turbulence and uncertainty will increase as the election nears, and with it all sorts of fractures and fissures will occur. These can be opportunities too, y’know.