Well, duh

Well, duh

Iraqi insurgents are surprisingly cohesive, Armitage says

Admitting that U.S. officials have underestimated the insurgency, Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage told the Senate Armed Services Committee that a series of attacks across Iraq in recent days indicate that the attackers have a “central nervous system” that is showing increased coordination and effectiveness.

But what was previously envisioned as a faltering insurgency has evolved into a significant security problem and a largely unknown quantity.

Translation: They haven’t a clue what to do about this insurgency that steadily gets bigger and better organized.

Baqouba sealed off as US forces lose control of city

Insurgents appeared to have taken control of the Al-Mufraq district in western Baqouba. Residents here said occupation forces had retreated from the area after being ambushed.

“This morning the mujahideen defeated the occupying forces in Al-Mufraq,” said Amer Alwhan, a 29 year-old engineer who lives near the area.