Nader to supporters: Vote for…

Nader to supporters: Vote for Kerry if it’s close

The longtime consumer advocate wants would-be supporters to attend his rallies, but he says he wants them to feel free to cast their votes for Sen. John Kerry once they enter the voting booth — especially in swing states where their vote might help defeat President Bush.

Good. This is a principled stand, and will also shut up the more loony and vociferous Democrats. DailyKos generally has excellent political coverage, but on Nader, Kos isn’t rational. For example, he just posted a photo of a Nader organizer in Arizona talking to a Republican as proof of the hideous conpiracy Nader is engaging in, consorting with actual Republicans and all. I guess Kos must be so unsullied and pure that he has never ever spoken to a Republican, eh?

In reality, speaking as a former co-chair of the Green Party of LA County, I know several Green activists who say they would be Republicans if they weren’t Greens, including one who was an elected Republican town council member. Plus, polls have shown about 25% of those voting for Nader in 2000 were Republicans. So, take off the tinfoil hat, Kos.

The Nader/Camejo ticket will focus on the war and progressive issues. Hey, someone has to, Kerry sure isn’t. Nader has shown he can grab major media attention, and Camejo is a mature, intelligent long-time activist who impressed many non-Greens during his California governor run earlier this year. Together, they may well force Kerry to tilt left. Good.

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