The Dallas Morning News is running an investigation on the noxious Catholic Church practice of hiding pedophile priests from the authorities, often letting them work with children.

Runaway priests hiding in plain sight

Catholic Priests accused of sexually abusing children are hiding abroad and working in church ministries, the Dallas Morning News has found.

From Africa to Latin America to Europe to Asia, these priests have started new lives in unsuspecting communities, often with the help of church officials. They are leading parishes, teaching and continuing to work in settings that bring them into contact with children, despite church claims to the contrary.

Priests charged with sexual abuse hidden abroad by church

Convicted priest sexual abuser and fugitive works with kids in Samoa

Cardinal offered sanctuary to admitted molester

Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez could be the next pope. He also recently sheltered an admitted child molester.

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And from the LA Times

Vatican aware of abuse for centuries, study says

Facing an estimated 800 sexual-abuse lawsuits in California, Roman Catholic officials have argued that the church learned only in recent years that it had a widespread problem with priests molesting children.

A report in February by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, for example, said Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and other bishops didn’t realize until 1985 that sexual abuse by clergy was “more than a matter of tragic but isolated incidents.”

But a North Carolina priest and two former monks who live in Southern California say they have scoured ancient Vatican records and forgotten Latin texts to show just the opposite: that the church has recognized the problem of abuse by priests for at least 1,700 years and has failed to address it successfully.

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