Nader selects Camejo as his…

Nader selects Camejo as his running mate

“Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader named Green Party activist Peter Camejo as his vice presidential running mate Monday, adding to his ticket a two-time contender for governor in California.

It bolstered Nader’s quest to win an endorsement from the Greens at their national convention, which begins Wednesday in Milwaukee. If Nader succeeds, he could win ballot access in 22 states — including California — and the District of Columbia.

Camejo also improves Nader’s access to an important constituency. A fluent Spanish speaker of Venezuelan descent, Camejo plans to campaign vigorously for Latino votes coveted by Democrats and Republicans.

For all those reasons, many Democrats were unsettled by the emergence of a Nader-Camejo ticket.”

That was a smart, canny move, choosing Camejo before the convention started. This forces the party to carefully consider running or endorsing the Nader/Camejo ticket. It’s either that or choose Nader hater David Cobb and his timid “safe states” strategy. The first will be a real campaign that will keep Greens as national players, the second almost sure to sink the party into a miasma of irrelevance.