Thoughts on conspiracy theories

Thoughts on conspiracy theories

It could be that there are no conspiracies, no evil inner cabal of manipulators, and that the dismal truth is no one is in charge, everyone is clueless, and we all just lurch from crisis to crisis.

Or maybe there really is a hideous conspiracy of controllers. But if so, why the heck don’t they just show their face and take over? I mean, if they are able to control us secretly, then controllng us overtly should be a snap. So why all the mystery?

More probable though – and this is my favorite theory – is that what we call “history” is simply the chronicles of multiple overlapping continually occurring conspiracies. There’s no need to fret about those silly black helicopters and men in black when conspiracy is happening all the time, and right in front of you too. So, join in the fun – start your own conspiracy!

And remember, no matter how paranoid you are, the bastards are always doing more than you think they are. But then, they’d want you to think that, wouldn’t they?

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