The 9/11 Truth Movement

The 9/11 Truth Movement

Ok, the official story about 9/11 certainly has some holes in it. In particular, I’ve always been suspicious of the coverage of the Pentagon crash site, wondering why coverage of it vanished almost immediately, and why the released photos showed little actual damage and debris at the crash site.  Most odd indeed.

The 9/11 Truth Movement, a loose and growing assortment of websites and conspiracy buffs believe 9/11 was, more or less, a Reichstag Fire, that it was orchestrated by the US government so they would then have a plausible excuse for war, repression, and intimidation of opponents.

However the 9/11 Truth people tend to be rather messianic in their beliefs. Vast conspiracies and insidious coverups are afoot, and only we know the truth – that sort of thing. A woman of my acquaintance recently told me in absolute seriousness that most of the Left was covering the truth about 9/11, and that included the ANSWER Coalition too.

Curses! How did she know? Our careful plans of working unpaid for months  on end organizing and building demonstrations nationwide are of course, a fiendish cover for our plotting that people never know that George Bush blew up the World Trade Center. Yet somehow this woman knew of our plot!

Um, look, one of the only good things about George Bush is that his conspiracies are right out there in the open. No need to hunt for them! 9/11 Truth Movement does itself a disservice with its too often over-the-top theories, which detract from the useful research they are doing.

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