The US, preoccupied with Iraq, is asleep at the wheel in Afghanistan. Thus, the warlords (who never really went away) are firmly back in power, and are ignoring what the government and the US tells them.

Referring to the U.S.-led war that toppled the Taliban regime, Wilder said: “In the first six months after November 2001, the warlords wouldn’t have thumbed their noses. But now they know the United States has problems in Iraq and feel they don’t have to listen.”

This is just another example of ineptness and lack of foresight from the Bushies.

“The people who are being called warlords are the ones armed by the Americans to take on the Taliban,” he said. “We are getting rid of a bunch of military people who are ill-disciplined and replacing them with another.”

Here’s a clue, why not just stop invading countries instead? Then you don’t do brain-dead things like fund armies to overthrow armies who then turn out to not be loyal. Golly, a mercenary isn’t loyal, who would have thunk it… And this is the SECOND time the US has done this in Afghanistan; first in funding and training the mooj to fight against the Russians in the 80’s, now again against the spawn of the mooj, the Taliban. “Oh when will they ever learn, oh when will they ever learn.”

Meanwhile, in Iraq.

Iraq police stations hit in attacks

Insurgents blow up two buildings; car bomb outside U.S. base kills 9

U.S. soldier killed in mortar attack in Iraq

And the insurgency in Saudi Arabis continues

Two BBC men shot in Riyadh

The message is clear. No Anglo foreigner is safe.