Long hot summer

Long hot summer

More and more, I’m feeling that serious change is coming to this country, and quite soon. There will be nationwide antiwar protests on June 5th, and it’s looking like people who have never protested in their life will be there. It’s important that everyone opposed to the lunatic destructiveness of Bush and the neocons be in the streets. Protest works. It gets the message out.
And largely due to the antiwar movement, the message is out there. The Washington Post, NY Times, Newsweek, even Fox “News” are now openly questioning the war and Bush. Six months ago, anyone saying “Bush lied about the reasons for war” was judged a leftist wacko. Now most the mainstream press is saying the same thing. This is a sea change.

Senators, some of them Republican, retired Generals, and others like them are now saying the war is lost, that it was an insane idea from the beginning. The neocon rats are starting to abandon ship as the FBI closes in on them.

Bush is doomed. There’s no way he can regain his former glory, the damage is far too severe for that. This is also when he, like a cornered rat, might do something deeply vicious and stupid in a vain attempt to hold onto power.

He will either be forced from office or suffer a crushing electoral defeat in November. This will be the end of the influence of the neocons and the lunatic fringe Christians on D.C. policy.

Do you think this not possible? Think back two months ago, would you have thought then that Bush et al would now be spending all their time in damage control, that the public would be opposing the war, that Bush’s popularity would be at historic lows? And we’ve only just begun down this road, this is just the opening act.

So why am I not dancing in the streets? Because things are getting deadly serious, because danger is in the air, because as a country we’ve never really been here before. Watergate was a warm-up to what’s going down now.

In a few more months, yeah, maybe we’ll all be dancing in the streets, but until then keep the pressure on and stay alert for the inevitable desperation counter-attacks by the crumbling Bush empire.

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