“Fahrenheit 9/11” wins top prize…

“Fahrenheit 9/11” wins top prize in Cannes

Michael Moore’s new movie, which details ties between the Bush family, the Saudis, and bin Laden, has won the top award at Cannes. The reviews say it is devastating and brilliant.

From Michael Moore

“None of us expected this. First came the critics’ reviews on Monday (The New York Times called it my best film ever), then the audience reaction at our premiere (a 20-minute standing ovation, a new all-time record for the festival), the International Federation of Film Critics Award on Friday, and then the best film prize last night.

I fully expect the right wing and the Republican Party to come at me and this film with everything they’ve got. They will try, as they have unsuccessfully in the past, to attack me personally because they cannot win the debate on the issues the film raises—namely, that they are a pack of liars and the American people are on to them.

And, if the early screenings of “Fahrenheit 9/11″ are any indication, those who see this movie will never view the Bush administration in the same way again. Even if you already can’t stomach George W. Bush & Co., I think this movie will take you to places you haven’t gone before, with laughter and with tears.”

Moore is taking huge risks here. Let’s support him completely and totally.