Bush falls off bicyle, injures…

Bush falls off bicyle, injures self

Maybe he was trying to eat a pretzel and ride at the same time?

Or maybe an aide had just told him

Anti-Bush documentary ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ wins top honor at Cannes.


<Michael> Moore also joked about Bush finding out about the Palme d’Or win, saying that “I hope that nobody tells him that I’ve won this award while he’s having a pretzel” — a reference to the president’s near-death choking experience in January 2002.

And let’s not forget the immortal words of Huey P. Freeman of the Boondocks comic strip, “Pretzel, schmetzel, the guy was drunk.”

PS “Kerry told reporters in front of cameras, ‘Did the training wheels fall off?'” sez the Drudge Report.