Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

US probes eight homicides in Afghanistan prisons

The official said eight prisoner deaths have been “classified by medical authorities as homicides, which involve suspected assaults of detainees either before or during interrogation sessions that may have led to the detainees’ death.”

The Pentagon released 22 other autopsies of prisoners, with causes of death including “multiple gunshot wounds,” “strangulation,” “blunt force injuries and asphyxia,” but also some natural causes.

Kick a cripple for Jesus, rape a screaming boy

One detainee said he was told during the holy month of Ramadan he would be released if he cooperated and was ordered to curse Islam. “Because they started to hit my broken leg, I curse my religion. They ordered me to thank Jesus I am alive.”

…as well as an Army translator having sex with a screaming boy 15 to 18 years old, an incident detainee Kasim Mehaddi Hilas said was documented in photos taken by a female soldier.

That’s not “having sex”, that’s rape.

And here’s how the Pentagon is “investigating”

Continuing the cover-up?

Military takes action against key witness in Abu Ghraib abuse scandal

A witness who told ABCNEWS he believed the military was covering up the extent of abuse at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison was today stripped of his security clearance and told he may face prosecution because his comments were “not in the national interest.”