This land is your land….

This land is your land. This land is my land.

And it’s time to take back our land.

tortures weren’t isolated, it wasn’t just ill-trained backwoods
privates. As many previous stories and the following shows, it was way
too widespread for that. The systematic abuse, torture, rape, and
murder was deliberate policy and makes a mockery of everything Bush
pretends to stand for. Because, of course Bush and Rumsfeld knew. Or
should have known.

More nauseating photos, these from the Washington Post. (Click the link on the home page)

Reuters complains Pentagon ignoring abuse of reporters

today accused the Pentagon of failing to carry out an adequate
investigation into accusations that three of its journalists were
subjected to physical and sexual abuse while in US military captivity
in Iraq.

This is Reuters, one of the largest news organizations on the planet talking. Think about that.

Iraqi women raped by US soldiers in prison

The scandal at Abu Ghraib prison was first exposed not by a digital photograph but by a letter.

note claimed that US guards had been raping women detainees, who were,
and are, in a small minority at Abu Ghraib. Several of the women were
now pregnant, it added. The women had been forced to strip naked in
front of men.

last year, Swadi, one of seven female lawyers now representing women
detainees in Abu Ghraib, began to piece together a picture of systemic
abuse and torture perpetrated by US guards against Iraqi women held in
detention without charge. This was not only true of Abu Ghraib, she
discovered, but was, as she put it, “happening all across Iraq”.

US abused 16 yr old son to force father to talk

military intelligence analyst who recently completed duty at Abu Ghraib
prison in Iraq said Wednesday that the 16-year-old son of a detainee
there was abused by U.S. soldiers to break his father’s resistance to

analyst said the teenager was stripped naked, thrown in the back of an
open truck, driven around in the cold night air, splattered with mud
and then presented to his father at Abu Ghraib, the prison at the
center of the scandal over abuse of Iraqi detainees.

seeing his frail and frightened son, the prisoner broke down and cried
and told interrogators he would tell them whatever they wanted, the
analyst said.

Provance already has been deemed a credible witness by Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba.

time to take back the country from the slime who, while mouthing
democracy and freedom, engage in torture, rape and murder. The Iraq
invasion is unquestionably the biggest foreign policy disaster in US
history, and the ramifications of this arrogant, stupid war will echo
for decades to come. The world is now a far more dangerous place due to
the religious extremist actions of Bush and the neocons. Apparently he
really does think Jesus told him to go to war. Madness. Hey Dubya,
maybe that was Old Scratch whispering in your ear, ever think of that?

US has lost the war, has lost allies and friends everywhere, and will
soon lose access to the oil that was a primary reason for the invasion.
And it is all for naught. The US will be forced to leave Iraq soon
enough, leaving the dead, injured, raped, and maimed behind. With
plenty of the same in military hospitals in the States too. (Yes, US
women soldiers have been raped – by male US soldiers.)

There is
a real sickness in this country. Sure, let’s heal the sick, but first,
let’s get them out of office, out of their positions of influence in DC
and the media, and, most especially, out of the Pentagon.

We can do it. We must do it. These are not normal times.