US raids Chalabi’s home in…

US raids Chalabi’s home in Iraq

U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police raided the home of America’s one-time ally Ahmad Chalabi on Thursday, seizing documents and computers.

Regardless of why, the US just lost another supposed ally. Chalabi, installed by the US as a member of the Ruling Council, was also convicted of bank fraud in Jordan and will be imprisoned if he returns there. And now the US says he may be crooked. Whoa, who could have guessed that? He was the darling of the neo-cons, and was installed into power by them. Now all that is gone.

Chalabi said:

“I am America’s best friend in Iraq,” Chalabi told a news conference. “If the (coalition) finds it necessary to direct an armed attack against my home, you can see the state of relations between the (coalition) and the Iraqi people.”

Yet another example of how the US invasion of Iraq has gone completely awry.