Dept. of Crumbling Walls of…

Dept. of Crumbling Walls of Lies

An obscure Army captain wrote the interrogation rules. The general in charge never saw them, even though his title appears on the document as the officer who must approve especially harsh techniques. Yet somehow the rules wound up on the wall of the interrogation center at Abu Ghraib.

The general says he never saw them. We shall see. Watching this pack of rats turn on each other will be amusing, if grisly, fun. And turn on each other they will.

Sivits, who got a year in prison Wednesday, already did.

His testimony will be used to prosecute other Americans accused of mistreating prisoners — most immediately, three men from his reserve unit who also appeared in court Wednesday.

At first I thought a year was lenient, however, he was prosecuted for taking photos, not for abuse or torture. Plus he got the maximum sentence.

And now it’s up the food chain we go…