Welcome to Jail Hell

Welcome to Jail Hell

It’s a jail where five prisoners have been murdered by other prisoners since October. Where prisoners somehow get to wander around until they find who they want to kill, generally someone who might testify against them. The guards appear comatose or complicit.

A former Nazi Low Rider survived a razor attack that left him with more stitches than an Amish quilt.

“I’m a big guy, I’m a bad guy. I was scared for my life.”

You know things are out of hand when a Nazi Low Rider is trembling.

And where is this abomination? Uzbekistan? Sudan? Some other hellhole? No. It’s L.A. County jail… 

Sheriff’s officials moved Wilson <The Nazi Low Rider> to a single cell in a protected area, where, the next day, he was attacked <and needed two hundred stitches>

“It’s just amazing to me,” said Ben Broudy, an attorney who plans to take over Wilson’s case. “I don’t see how anything happens in the jail without the knowledge or consent of the guards.”