Huge interest in Iraq prisoner…

Huge interest in Iraq prisoner story / Nick Berg

This blog was averaging 1,200 unique visitors a day. Since the Iraq prisoner and Nick Berg stories broke, we’re getting 4,000 a day, with spikes up to 8,000. (And it appears Friday’s number, once I have all the data, will be over well 8,000.)

740 people have downloaded the Nick Berg video I posted.

Update: I took the file offline. 6400 people downloaded it on Monday 5/17, which is way too much bandwidth for me to handle.

Radio Userland, the weblog software I use, tracks which websites and search engines the hits are coming from. Previously I averaged 200 listings a day, with the top listing having maybe 5 hits. On Friday there were 2,300 listings, with the top listing showing 1,200 hits from one website alone.

Radio also tracks numbers for all “sites edited with Radio UserLand.” Generally, in this small subset of the much bigger numbers, PoliZeros was about #60 with maybe 300 hits. Friday we were #2, with an astonishing 7,570 hits.

It’s not just here. This is one of the biggest stories in a long time, it’s grabbed the attention of the public, has put the Bushies on the defensive, and may well signal a tipping point for the entire country – a majority of who now oppose the war.