Poll: Support for war at…

Poll: Support for war at new low

Was the war worth it? No – 64%. Yes – 29%

Bush’s poll numbers hitting the danger zone

While President Bush remains essentially even with Democratic challenger John Kerry in new opinion polls, voters are slowly sinking into the kind of pessimistic funk that doomed other presidents — including Bush’s father.

Several recent polls show Bush’s approval ratings slipping below 50 percent amid growing doubts among voters about his handling of the war in Iraq and of the economy.

I’ve changed my mind about Kerry, as tepid and pro-war as he may be, he would be orders of magnitude less extreme than Bush on domestic issues, and a Bush defeat would be an enormous victory for progressives and would be the end of the extreme right control over the government.

So, let’s elect Kerry, then be in the streets protesting him at his inauguration!

PS Here’s an apt summation of how I feel about Kerry.