Warren Buffett joins George Soros…

Warren Buffett joins George Soros to defeat Bush.

That means two multi-billionaires will bring their considerable clout, huge wealth and influence, to insure that George Bush is not re-selected.

At the core of their stand are Bush’s tax policies, such as estate tax repeal. Both men have publicly stated that they believe any tax cut plans for the rich will alienate the middle classes and do nothing to improve job creation.

But Soros says he has also been motivated by Bush’s foreign policy, once commenting that it was “destroying my business”. He believes that the Iraq war is damaging US interests abroad. He wrote recently: “When President Bush says, as he does frequently, that freedom will prevail, he means that America will prevail. In a free and open society, people are supposed to decide for themselves what they mean by freedom and democracy, and not simply follow America’s lead.