Louisiana is on the guard…

Louisiana is on the guard against yet another menace 

Louisiana to ban saggy, butt-crack-exposing pants. File under “only in Louisiana” — snip:

Wearing sagging or baggy pants that expose your underwear or buttocks would make you a criminal under a bill approved by a House panel Thursday. “I don’t relish the idea of seeing the beginning of people’s pubic hair,” Westwego City Councilman Glenn Green told the House Criminal Justice Committee on Thursday. “I don’t relish seeing the beginning of the crease of people’s buttocks. And I don’t enjoy watching young men letting their sexual organs show through their red or black silk underwear,” Green said. Link

Um, sounds to me like he’s spent considerable time pondering young men in silk underwear. And it must be noted that no mention was made of being upset by young women who show their butt cracks.