Update: photos of Iraqi women…

Update: photos of Iraqi women apparently being raped (have been posted on IndyMedia)

On Monday I posted a link to alBasrah.net which had photos of Iraqi women apparently being raped by soldiers. Could the photos be fake? Sure. However they don’t look particularly faked to me.

Moreover, this site only came to light because someone emailed MediaChannel.org and saying, hey Iraq prisoner photos are all over the press, but these photos have been on alBasrah for days and no one has noticed. Seems to me if you wish to hoist fake photos, there would be many faster ways of getting them across cyberspace than by emailing a website who then happened to mention it in their newsletter.

As I write this, the entire alBasrah site is down. Maybe 1) hits from all over the world slowed their server to a crawl, 2) someone hacked the site or otherwise deliberately disabled it, 3) reasons unrelated to the photos are the reason it’s down.

However, It IS odd alBasrah went down about 18 hours after news of the photos hit cyberspace, eh? Actually, I assumed this might happen, so I downloaded all the photos and posted them on LA IndyMedia, where those with a strong stomach can view them. And I mean strong stomach.

PS The New Yorker magazine has posted photos of the Iraq prisoner abuse. Click “View the images ” in the upper right box.

Update: A posting on LA IndyMedia say the photos show people resembling those in photos from a violent hardcore porno site, yet when you go to the URL referred to, the photo links are dead.