Torturers! Prepare for a serious…

Torturers! Prepare for a serious wrist-slap!!

The cover-up begins

The officers and noncommissioned officers received penalties that most likely will end their military careers, although they were not demoted or discharged. They have not been charged with crimes; six subordinates accused of carrying out the abuse already face criminal charges.

No court martials for the officers, eh? Instead, they will focus on the stupid cannon fodder kids, pretending no one gave them orders. It won’t work. Defense lawyers have already said they will ask uncomfortable questions about what the commanding officers knew and when did they know it. (Hmm, can a military court force a disgraced former officer to testify?) Meanwhile, the Pentagon is stonewalling anything about the officers, hoping no doubt that no more unpleasant truths come slithering to the surface.

But a-slithering they will come. On Democracy Now yesterday, Seymour Hersh, who broke the story in The New Yorker said the photos that have been made public are mild compared to other photos he has seen. Further, he strongly implied serious new bombshells will be emerging soon, as soon as he’s done more research.

It is important to note that the only way Hersch could have gotten this information is from Pentagon insiders who are sickened by what has happened. Let’s hope they triumph over the slime.

As for the Pentagon stonewalling and refusal to prosecute the officers, this needs to be protested, and protested loudly and strongly.

PS Mike, a friend, comments, “Horrible…I’m fascinated by the soldier whose excuse is that they weren’t trained properly.  I’m sure that is true…but HEY…I learned that this kinda shit was wrong right after toilet training! Certainly the top of the chain of command must be held accountable.  That means Rumsfeld, Bush, all of ’em.