It’s snowballing

It’s snowballing

Arab anger at Iraq torture photos

On the Arabic satellite channels, it’s “all torture, all the time” – wall-to-wall coverage of the photographs, the graphic images flooding into homes across the region.

VA Senator suggests Iraq prisoner abuse more widespread

New Mexico Senator criticizes Pentagon on prisoner abuse

Sen. Kennedy suggests Iraq prisoner abuse more widespread, not ‘isolated incident’

The Army said 20 investigations into prisoner deaths and assaults were under way in Iraq.

Abu Gharib was better than other prisons?

Some Iraqis say Abu Ghraib is something of a sanctuary compared with what happens in other U.S.-run prisons around the country.

Abdullah al-Dulaimi, who was standing outside Abu Ghraib trying to get information about two brothers detained there, said he had been held in a detention center near the border with Syria for a month in January.

He says he was once put in something called the “coffin,” a wooden box too short to stand up in, for two days. He says he was also frequently beaten and had electrical wires attached to his penis.

“We were beaten, deprived of sleep and humiliated,” he said.

“If you ever talked to the prisoner next to you, you would have to do push-ups with a soldier standing on your back. They made us stand naked and then a soldier would come beat us with a stick and sometimes sodomize us with the stick,” he said.

Iraqi torture was devised by CIA, claims lawyer

The torture and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners, captured on camera in a US run Baghdad prison, was controlled and devised by US agencies including the CIA, a lawyer claimed today.

Guy Womack, who represents a military policeman under investigation, said the photographs of the Iraq prisoners that have inspired widespread revulsion “were obviously staged” in order to manipulate the prisoners into co-operating with intelligence officials