Green Party nominating convention. Bad…

Green Party nominating convention. Bad moon rising.

It’s looking like there will be a nasty floor fight in the upcoming Green Party (GP) nominating convention between the anyone-but-Nader forces and those who want to either endorse Nader or run him as a candidate.

It’ll be a vicious pie fight too, with lasting damage within the party because of it. Democratic pundits like Eric Alterman will gleefully rub the GP’s face in it too, oh yes they will. And of course a surging Nader run will siphon votes away from the GP by the hundreds of thousands.

I expect a nonentity like David Cobb will get the nomination and then, oh, one half of one percent of the national vote, upon which the GP may well go into a serious, prolonged, maybe terminal slump.

Yeah, I do think it’s that bad. Hope I’m wrong. This is not the time for inward focus and internal battles. This is the time to unite against the war and all that it represents.