Antiwar protest hits Linux world

Antiwar protest hits Linux world

From Slashdot

The founder and president of Linux Users Los Angeles (LULA) has resigned because of his opposition to the war in Iraq and the U.S. Armed Forces’ use of Linux.”

Clay Claiborne founded LULA eight years ago, which makes him a very early adopter of Linux indeed. He resigned for several reasons, as detailed on his website. Among his reasons, the local Linux email listserv was disallowing talk about the war, and because he wanted to show his new antiwar video last night at an ANSWER LA meeting, the same night as a LULA meeting, and couldn’t find someone to run that meeting. So he quit LULA so he could show the video at the ANSWER meeting.

And a good video it is, though still a rough cut and a bit longish, detailing through news footage, the lies told by our leaders to beat the drums for war, their deceit and arrogance once the war started, and their eventual eating of their own words as things started to go quite wrong. All of this done simply by showing news clips of them speaking.

You can view the video on his website in Real Media, but might want to wait a bit. Getting Slashdotted means about a zillion hits, although he wasn’t linked to directly. We joked last night his web server might melt down, but so far it’s holding up fine!