Iraq news

Iraq news

Brit journalist Robert Fisk in an Australian TV interview

The British occupation in Iraq took three years to fail between 1917 and 1920. It took us, the British, three years to unite the Shiites and the Sunnis behind us. It’s quite an achievement – the Americans have managed to unite the Shiites and the Sunnis against them in just one year.

The only people who are talking about civil war at the moment in Iraq are the Americans and the British and the Western journalists who suck up their lines and push it back out as their own analysis.

I haven’t actually met an Iraqi who wants a civil war or who’s talked about a civil war. There’s never been a civil war in Iraq.

Now they’re standing around Najaf with what?

2,500 troops.

You can’t conquer a city of so many Shiites with 2,500 troops. It’s going to need a massive bombardment.

To do that to the major Shiite shrine in the world, one of the major Shiite shrines, it’s unthinkable.

I think the Americans have reached a point where they can’t do much more militarily and politically they finished quite a while ago

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