I do the programmers victory…

I do the programmers victory dance!

Among other things, I write database applications on PC’s, using Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP). Lately, I’ve been learning Visual FoxExpress (VFE), a Rapid Application Development (RAD) add-on << do I hear someone screaming “stop with the acronyms, already” >> to VFP which allows one to build new applications quickly. Once you figure it out, that is. VFE has a steep learning curve. It’s full Object Oriented Programming (OOP)  << oops (a  ha ha that’s a joke, OOP, oops, get it?), there’s another acronym >> plus it has a development environment which must be understood, then mastered.

For a while there the learning curve was practically vertical, yes it was. I bashed away at it using a book about VFE, their training CD, and their online support conference. Today I (finally) figured out how to do something that had eluded me for a couple of weeks. It was a real “Eureka” moment, and once it happened, many other pieces fell into place, and then everything became vastly simpler. Once you climb to the top of a vertical rock wall, the view is great, plus your feet are on solid ground again…

So, as Dilbert did once in the comic strip after figuring out something that had baffled him, I too did a victory dance. Being as I have a home office, I will admit my cats were a bit startled.

PS What does VFE do? For you programmer types out there; once you get the database and tables organized, you can create a Parent/child data entry form with add/change/delete/print/lookup with menus and reports in about fifteen minutes and do so writing no code. It’s that powerful.

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