Be scared Nevada, be very…

Be scared Nevada, be very scared

Thirsty California starts to drink the Pacific

Some 90% of California’s water is piped more than 250 miles to its consumers, the majority of it from the Colorado River. But with that supply endangered by declining levels, rising costs and contamination – and with memories still fresh of the droughts of the 1970s and 1980s – attention is turning to alternative sources.

Eighteen desalination plants are under consideration in California, offering a possible way out of the state’s seemingly inexorable water crisis.

Well, if OTHER states weren’t so hoggish and insistent upon hoarding water rather than allowing California, specifically Los Angeles and San Diego, to continue stealing it from them as we have for decades, we wouldn’t be having this little problem, now would we?

Therefore we the people of California have duly decided these other states are enemies of Democracy. Further, they are deploying Water Mitigation Devices (WMD) to prevent the flow of water to us.

Negotiation is pointless. The Federal government is at best toothless and at worst in the hands of the Evildoers. Plus, we have definitive proof Arizona is stealthily sending agitators into Nevada and that they are whispering evil things in the ears of Nevadans about California.

Thus, it has become necessary to invade Nevada and occupy Las Vegas in order to free them from their oppressors.

Oh, some may whine that fine hotels in Vegas may get blown up during the process of their liberation, but heck, Vegas blows up their hotels all the time anyway, right? So, California would just be speeding the process along a bit! Bechtel, who by the oddest of circumstances happens to be headquartered in California, will head up the reconstruction effort.

Once California has secured the water supply in Nevada, we will move in massive numbers of troops to establish a beachhead for the real target – the water rich states of Oregon and Washington, who quite piggily have refused to let us steal their water.

Democracy can only prevail when water is distributed via a free trade agreement to all that request it. To maintain otherwise is to hate Democracy and love the Evildoers.