Mail Washer Pro: a worthy…

Mail Washer Pro: a worthy spam killer

I’ve been using Mailwasher Pro for several days now. I like it, it learns fast, is easy to use, and most definitely kills spam. Plus, it doesn’t matter what your mail reader is, it works with all of them.

It works differently from other spam killers. It sits between your mail server and your mail reader. Mail flows into it. You mark which emails are spam and which are ok. Ok addresses get added to your Whitelist of approved email addresses. Click a button, it washes the mail, opens your mail reader, then you click the mail reader to import the mail. After a few days of learning, it’s already marking most email correctly, so I don’t have to do much at all.

Doing it this way, spam never gets downloaded to you. At first I thought checking email first like this would be a pain, until I realized I was checking the mail after it arrived anyway. Y’see, I need to check all my email marked as spam for false positives, i.e. mail marked as spam that actually isn’t – because if I don’t, I could (and have) missed important mail.

They have a functional free demo version. The registered version is $37 and includes, I think, one year of FireTrust, a network of thousands of users who (anonymously) share which emails are spam thus allowing Mail Washer to work even smarter. Plus, FireTrust defaults to hiding mail it knows to be spam, thus saving you time.

The spam I was getting through my five email accounts was getting overwhelming. Now it’s quite manageable, in fact I never see most of it!