The Viridian Aromatizer Contest!

The Viridian Aromatizer Contest!

As a member of the Viridian Curia and webmaster of the Viridian Repository, I bring you glad tidings of the latest Viridian contest – the Aromatizer Contest!

The goal is to create cool uses for a real life “computer and cellphone peripheral that emits smells”

“This aroma-spreading gizmo can range from the scale and weight of, say, a stack of two aspirins, up to about the size of a CD player. It can therefore be plugged into computers, laptops, cellphones, PDAs, car cigarette lighters, etc etc.

Its purpose is spritz gaseous substances. Not just aromas, scents and perfumes, but also visible smoke, pepper spray, ozone, fine particles of soot; just about any gaseous material. The amount dispersed can range from a few micrograms to a few grams, over time.

The device can emit its aromas on command: quickly, slowly, intermittently, or steadily.”

Thus, the contest “is looking for inventive applications and niche products for <this> infant technology.”

Contest details

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