Baghdad turns to chaos

Baghdad turns to chaos

Gunmen roam streets; Iraqi and U.S. deaths rise

Thousands flee Iraq fighting; Council totters
A cease-fire in Fallouja crumbles after less than two hours. A member of Iraq’s governing body quits over U.S. military action, and four threaten to.

Chaos erupts in parts of central Iraq


The US State Department said today it was not aware that any US citizens have been kidnapped in Iraq after reports that two Americans had been taken hostage along with four Italians.

“Not aware”? This is a foggy, evasive statement.

The Italian foreign ministry said no Italians officially listed as being in Iraq had been reported missing.

“Officially listed as being in Iraq”? More bureaucratic fog.

The only good thing about any of this is Bush may have finally succeeded in destroying his own inept presidency. “None are so blind as those that will not see.”

Meanwhile thousands die in Iraq while chances of terrorist attacks increase dramatically. Do you feel safer with Dubya at the helm? I didn’t think so…