Emergency Iraq protests

Emergency Iraq protests

Nationally-coordinated days of action
This weekend

To demand:
Bring the Troops Home Now
Money for jobs, education and healthcare –
Not for wars of aggression

Over 50 cities have actions planned so far this weekend. Check the map.

Call initiated by the ANSWER Coalition

Iraq at the boiling point

The Iraqi revolt against occupation is spreading in qualitative developments. The Pentagon is reacting with a murderous iron fist that is making the popular Iraqi position increasingly clear to the world: that the occupation forces are indeed an enemy – not liberators.

Although an allegation has been made that this is isolated “trouble” within a “Sunni Triangle,” the revolt is in reality over an entire Iraqi rectangle encompassing nearly all areas – from north to south. Over the past three days, the previously simmering rejection of foreign occupation has evolved into a near full-scale revolt that has spread to many cities in the south of Iraq.

That an important point, the “Sunni triangle”, we hear about in the media (sounds small, doesn’t it?) in reality encompasses most of Iraq as the insurgency is spreading everywhere.

In Los Angeles the protest is today, Friday, at the Westwood Federal Building, 5 pm