U.S. Hands off Haiti forum

U.S. Hands off Haiti forum

The International Action Center (IAC), a sister organization to ANSWER, sponsored a Haiti forum yesterday in L.A. 

Speakers included

Pat Chin, editor of the new book: Haiti, a Slave Revolution, which details the turbulent history of Haiti starting in 1804 when slaves overthrew the government, took over, and defeated Napoleon’s army.

Pierre Labossiere, founding member of Haiti Action Committee in Oakland, CA.

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, Psychologist & Victims’ Rights, Port au Prince, Haiti. He was forced to flee from Haiti after the recent coup, and said repression there is increasing, with people still in hiding, and many killings taking place. Faced with the certainty of serious armed resistance in Port au Prince to the mercenaries (who were extremely well-armed and trained in the Dominican Republic) the U.S. government, he said, quickly moved to remove Aristide from power. It does not take deeply analytical thinking to determine who was funding the mercenaries, does it?

In a surprise, U.S. Congressmember Maxine Waters came to hear the speakers, and we asked her to say a few words. She speaks with Aristide and his wife every day, and has played a huge role in getting the story out there. Her courage and determination is to be applauded. 

Incidentally, the delegation that went to the Central African Republic to speak with Aristide was organized by IAC, and was instrumental in getting Aristide to Jamaica, where he is now. 

The photo shows Pierre Labossiere, Pat Chin, Rep. Maxine Waters.